“It’s Rude To Ask A Woman How Her Night Was”-Female Lawyer, Olayemisi Falaye Says

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A Nigerian female legal practitioner, Olayemisi Falaye has made some outrageous claim about the common practice of guys asking women how they slept.

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According to Olayemisi Falaye, it is so rude to ask a woman how her night was.

As to why this claim is the case, is something that needs further probing to understand but for her, it seems one stands the chance of getting a slap from her when you ask her how her night was.

It has become somewhat of a routine that when a guy calls a lady in the morning, after the usual pleasantries, what immediately follows is a “How was your night?” interrogation.

Many ladies do expect it though and will be a bit sceptical when they are not asked that question but for Olayemisi Falaye, it is just rude to ask them.

She made the claim in an Instagram post, adding that people need to learn this and stay courteous.

“How Was Your Night Is A Rude Question To Ask A Woman. Learn to Be Courteous And Stay Courteous,” Olayemisi Falaye wrote.

It will be interesting to see if other women out there feel the same way and are not speaking out.

But women have spoken out about things they do not like and this is one statement or claim that no lady, apart from Falaye, has made so it is safe to say that it is an individual feeling peculiar to her only and not all women.

See the screenshot of her IG post below;

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