It’s Unfortunate Women Who Speak Their Minds Are Tagged As Arrogant And Senseless! What Are All Do They Want From Us? – Salma Mumin Quizzes

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In a typical African setting, women are often seen as the weaker vessels hence most of them are not consulted in decision making processes. For instance when a child is getting married, the father is first consulted which is part of the African tradition. Not that there is anything wrong with that but actress cum entrepreneur Salma Mumin wants to find out why women who speak their minds are tagged arrogant.

According to her in an Instagram post, she can’t fathom why black, bold, outspoken women aren’t allowed to speak in the midst of men.

She furthered that the world is gradually changing and even though a lot of people are fighting for equal human rights, it doesn’t seem to cath on.

She also added that, just for speaking up during an interview, she’s been tagged as “too known, senseless” amongst other derogatory names.

She therefore quizzed why it is difficult for society to appreciate the boldness of a woman without seeing it as arrogant.

In some marriages too, there are men who would prefer their wives to remain home or be working in low income jobs for fear that the wives will become more successful.

Unfortunately, despite the revolution and advancement in science and technology, there are still men who still live this way and perhaps for such men, it will take a miracle to change their minds.

Anyway, see Salma’s post below;

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