It’s wrong for a woman to propose to a man, women doing that do not know their value- GH gospel musician, Joseph Mathew

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As far as Ghanaian gospel musician Joseph Mathew is concerned, it’s inappropriate for a woman to propose to a man.

Speaking passionately about this subject matter in a fresh interview on Original TV during the PAE MU KA show, the young artiste said a woman who proposes to a man has no idea what her value is.

That sounds really controversial, isn’t it? Well, he buttressed his point by using some verses from the Bible.

“The only reason why women are behaving like that is that they don’t know the value of being a wife that is worth waiting to be found. The jewel or the precious stone we are looking for is a wife, not a woman and turn her into a wife.

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But we are looking for a wife who is already a wife and you’ll make her yours. Because of those qualities, God has put some anointing on them that makes her carry favour that she will bring to you. That is why the bible says you’ll find a good thing and obtain favour.

As a man you have a vision but when a woman comes you have favour and will bring good things but the woman has to be a wife first,” he said.

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