Itz Tiffany Seks Tape Leaked! What Really Happened Plus What She Had To Say About It

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Itz Tiffany’s messy past is back, hunting her bright future. The latest sex tape to hit social media is that of Ghanaian rapper It’z Tiffany, and it’s just soo BAD!

The videos of the female musician who was in an act of sexual intercourse with long time boyfriend, known as Frank White, has now finally been made public tarnishing the image of the artiste.

From what we are at GhBase.Com have gathered, the incident happened five years ago during that time when Tiffany was dating him (Frank) then. He has served four years in jail and had come out recently but what it’s unclear to us is whether he was in jail for what he did to Tiffany or for another reason. Tiffany has

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Three videos  were released, one in which Tiffany was just kissing him, then the second one in which the ex-boyfriend was actually making out with her, inserting his ding-dong in and out of her lover, and then the very last one in which Tiffany was seen cursing Frank by stripping naked, rubbing her ass on the floor and grinding some potions, which she drank and then placed the guy’s picture in the earthenware and recited some incantations. Funny enough, the ex-boyfriend was the one who took the video in which he was cursed and the two others as well and from the background conversations, we picked, he wasn’t scared. It appears the consequence of the curse has not yet had an effect on the young man.

tiffanyWhen videos of Tiffany in the sexual act ws released, bumped unto a tweet she tweeted some few hours after the videos started going viral and that alone speaks for itself.  It appears, she’s not perturbed and describes Frank as a father drama. See the screenshot of her tweet.


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Ghbase.Com has also learnt that, Tiffany has a child of 6 years with the same man, a conception that must have taken place before he recorded this leak five years ago and also before going to jail to serve his 4 years term.
We might make the link available to you so you can see those videos for yourself, we are also getting in touch with her to give us more details on what happened after the curse and why Frank decided to leak the videos after been released from jail. Follow @chrishandlergh on twitter, so you dont miss the update, we will be doing on this post.


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