I’ve 6 sugar daddies who pay me ¢4,200 every month- Lady shakes the internet with confession

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A young Zambian woman who goes by the name Teresia has unashamedly revealed in an exclusive interview that she is presently the side chic to six married men.

The 24-year-old woman outlined all the benefits she derives from the men and how convenient her jaw dropping promiscuity has been for her so far.

Teresa shared this sensitive information while speaking to media personality Jimmy Kay, stating that she has set a criteria for the types of men she can date.

They each pay her salary on a monthly basis, according to the side chic, which is KSh 63,000 (¢4,200).

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“They put me on a salary of per month,” she boasted.

In her capacity as a big girl, she no longer hunts for men as they are ones who who come to her.

When asked about the ages of the men she is dating, she revealed that the oldest is 53 years old.

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Teresia also surprised Pastor Jimmy and his co-host when she said that no one complains since she satisfies everyone.

In other trending news, a lady who once smacked in the face by her former boyfriend has revealed how she retaliated probably to inspire other women who might find themselves in the same boat.

In tweet that has since resonated with netizens, the Nigerian woman whose name on Twitter reads Tolani said she got an old palm slippers that became her artillery in discharging her revenge.

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Here’s what she tweeted;

“One time an ex slapped me over a trivial issue,was about to leave then I saw him standing outside & I knew I couldn’t let it slide. I found an old palm slippers in the passage & wiped him hard at the back of his neck then ran. Didn’t look back till I got home. That was the end!

I ran o. He followed me but my grams chased him. I have never ran that much in my life till date.”


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