‘I’ve 7 Tattoos, 10 Piercings And I’m Proud Of Them’ – Abi Monage

Budding singer, Abu Monage has proudly revealed that she has several tattoos and piercings on her body and it’s something she’s really proud of.

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Abi Monage told Zion Felix on his Uncut show that she has 7 tattoos and 10 body piercings, adding that these body designs are at intimate places of her body.

According to her, she simply loves tattoos and every tattoo she has holds great meaning.

She said, “I make sure i don’t regret any tattoo so i know what I’m doing”.

Perhaps her revelation might not surprise anyone, having revealed recently that she does not believe in Jesus and the bible.

Abi Monage has stated that the “Jesus Christ” story is all a big fairy tale.

According to her, she doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ, the center piece of the Christian religion.

Abi explained she identifies as a believer and believes in the existence of God as the creator but not the Bible or Jesus.

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