I’ve Been Sleeping With My Best Friend’s Husband For 2 Years Now And She Doesn’t Know – Lady Confesses

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A heartless lady has taken to Facebook to make a serious confession about how she has been secretly sleeping with her best friend’s husband for the past two years.

The lady disclosed that her innocent best friend who has no idea about what is going on always tells her about the issues she is facing in her marriage.

Things were so bad for the friend that she even has to beg her for 1000 cedis to buy food. The heartless lady went to her friend’s husband to collect 2000 cedis and loaned 1000 cedis to her friend who paid back after a month.

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But the current issue is that the lady is pregnant for her friend’s husband and she is tired of keeping the secret.

She is seeking help from social media of how to break the news to her friend without breaking her heart.

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