I’ve Dated And Dumped Lot’s Of Celebrities Who Didn’t Satisfy Me – Nigerian Vlogger

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Nigerian Vlogger Grace Ajilore has listed the type of men she has dated and how she dumped them because they could not satisfy her.

According to Grace, she has dated lots celebrities and dumped them because none of them could give her the satisfaction she wanted in the relationship.

She went ahead to state that, she has dated muscular men, rich men, poor men, naughty boys, well groomed men and yet none of these men could give her what she wanted in the relationship.

This makes us wonder what exactly Grace is looking for that she couldn’t find in these men. She might as well become a roman sister since none of her relationships seems to be working.

Grace who shared these info on her Insta Stories, added that life is full of experiences and even though others may judge her, she isn’t ashamed of her escapades as each man who came into her life taught her a lesson.

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