I’ve evidence that ZionFelix is going out with my wife – Patapaa insists

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A few days ago, Swedru-based Ghanaian artist Patapaa, accused blogger ZionFelix of having an affair with his wife Liha Miller, who lives in Germany.

ZionFelix, on the other hand, had rejected the Pa2pa military charges and apologized to him for not obtaining his permission before interviewing his wife.

Zion went on to explain that his trip to Germany was solely for business purposes, and that he simply did his job by interviewing Patapaa’s wife as a lifestyle and celebrity blogger.

However, Patapaa maintained his position on his allegation in an interview with blogger Sammy Kay.

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According to the ‘one corner’ hitmaker, he is baffled as to why ZionFelix would act flirtatious with his wife without his knowledge.

Patapaa, on the other hand, believes that ZionFelix planned to take over his wife after they divorced and had evidence to back up his accusations.

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Watch the video below.


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