Ive (group) Profile: Ages, Album, Songs, Net Worth, Instagram

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IVE stands for or means I HAVE in K-pop.

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Is IVE group permanent?

IVE is a permanent group as reported. They will not be dissolved like other music groups in South Korea.

Who is the leader of IVE K-pop?

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Yujin who is also known as An Yu Jin is the leader of IVE. She has been the leader since the group was formed in 2021.

Ive (group) was founded in 2021 by Starship Entertainment. They are barely a year old. They were revealed in November 2021.

Who is IVE main dancer?

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Gaeul is the main dancer of the IVE group. She dances for the whole team and she is a good dancer.

Ive (group) released their debut album titled Eleven on December 1, 2021. They also have an album entitled LOVE DIVE.

  • Royal
  • Take It
  • Eleven
  • Love Dive

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