I’ve never spent a man’s money before, I’m always the one spending on men- Phyna

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Big Brother Naija (Season 7) Level Up winner Josephina Ijeoma Otabor, often known by her stage name as Phyna, has claimed in a fresh interview that she doesn’t take advantage of men in a relationship.

“I have never eaten a man’s five Naira before, and I have never been in a relationship where a man gives me money; instead, I work hard and should be the one giving”, Phyna responded when the interviewer said she looks like someone who spends on men.

Phyna noted that these behaviours are not being displayed simply because she is a daft, or mumu as said in the local parlance.

In contrast to those women who would do this by doing nothing for their lovers, she thinks that women can also provide for men; this would be termed returning the energy in a relationship.

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The reality star who became the second female to win the prestigious Big Brother Naija show claimed that when she feels something for someone, even if their feelings are different from hers, she will treat them well. However, when she grows tired—and she will grow tired—she will turn on the person.

SOURCE: www.Ghbase.com

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