I’ve not eaten pork since I became born again in the 80s – Great Ampong

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Well-known Ghanaian musician Great Ampong has said that he has not eaten pork since he became born again in the 1980s.

There has been a conversation on social media where most people have contributed their opinion. The conversation about eating pork and the spiritual effects it has on people.

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This conversation about eating pork was started by musician Sonnie Badu who claimed that eating pork draws demons closer to a person’s soul. This assertion by the musicians has caused a lot of conversation on social media.

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Wading into the conversation, the “Akokofunu” hitmaker, Great Ampong has supported the claims of Sonnie Badu adding that eating pork is dangerous. According to him, he hasn’t eaten pork since he became born again.

He told Amansan Krakye in an interview on Property FM, “I used to eat pork when I was in the world but since 1989 thereabouts when I became born again Christian I have stopped eating pork.

“When I read and learned that Jesus cast some demons into some pigs and they ended up in the sea then I realized that this animal is dangerous,” he added on Property Radio in Cape Coast.

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 “None of my family members eats pork that is my wife and my children, in fact, no one among my family is allowed to even taste pork.

“From the ’80s that I became a proper Christian that’s when I decided, especially when I saw it in the Bible that pig isn’t a good animal we’ve stopped eating it,” he concluded via Showbiz On Property FM.

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