I’ve not touched any woman for 9-years now- Kenyan actor Robert Burale 

Speaking to the local media, Robert said since he parted ways with his estranged wife, he has had s*x with any woman while maintaining he will soon try his luck again with marriage. He’s quoted saying;

“S*x is very important in marriage even for us born again believers but it’s not everything. I have been celibate since my marriage ended in 2013. But it is God.

Do I intend to get married? Yes, 1,050%. I’m a Luhya man. I don’t have the grace to be single. Keep your eyes open, keep your ears on the ground. You just never know,” he said.

He further added; “Marriage is a good and God’s idea and there are some things you have to enjoy in life. In heaven, we’ll just be worshipping with the 24 elders.”

He also talked about why he is ready to remarry.

“After preaching the gospel, there is an emptiness you feel. You have to come back to a wife. The body is tired you need someone to massage you and you enjoy the benefits of marriage and it can be lonely.

“To be honest with you, and that’s why I’m saying, when I remarry, I’ll revenge everywhere in every way in the boardroom and bedroom,” he said.

Robert Burale is a key motivational speaker, events host and actor. Robert Burale is regarded as the best events host in Kenya and the sixth in Africa. He owns the Robert Burale School of Leadership and the Reality Bold Company in Kenya. He is well known to be a fashion critic and a marketing strategist.

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