Ivy Calvin Net Worth: What’s He Worth?

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He was a recurring cast member on Storage Wars in Seasons 3 and 4 and became a main cast member in Season 5, and he is a former arena football player and mixed martial arts fighter. What is Ivy Calvin net worth today?

What would make a man trade arena football and mixed martial arts to feature in a television series?

Well, you are not Ivy Calvin, else you would do that and people will get to know you for your work on that television series.

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Today, he is renowned for his role on the series Storage Wars other than his arena football skills and his mixed martial arts prowess.

Ivy Calvin net worth is being discussed because of his Storage Wars exploits. How much has he earned in his career as a reality television personality?

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We shall find out what his net worth is in this article as well as learn about who he is as a person and how his career panned out over the years.

Who is Ivy Calvin? Find out more about him when you read this article to the end.

Ivy Calvin Net Worth: Who Is He?

Ivy Calvin
Ivy Calvin

Before we zoom in on Ivy Calvin net worth, let’s delve a bit into his early life and career details.

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He was born on September 10, 1971, in California, United States of America.

There has not been enough information about his parents and siblings.

His educational background is not as much documented as his career exploits.

He spent years attending auctions across the country and selling goods at flea markets and swap meets, gaining experience in the consumer market as both a buyer and a seller.

He was a former linebacker for Cal State Northridge and an MMA fighter who also made it to the Arena Football League.

He joined Vasquez High School’s football coaching staff as an assistant.

Ivy Storage Wars Appearance

Ivy Calvin net worth

Ivy Calvin net worth has had a lot of contribution from Storage Wars as he earned quite well there just like the other cast members of the series.

How did things begin for him there?

Ivy Calvin is most known for his appearance on the Storage Wars reality television program on the A&E Network. Calvin is a self-proclaimed “King” who purchases storage units.

In seasons three and four of Storage Wars, he appeared on an ongoing basis.

In season five, he joined the main cast.

Before his Storage Wars deal, what did Ivy Calvin do?

What was he known for before his Storage Wars breakthrough?

Let’s find out.

Calvin used to play arena football and compete in mixed martial arts.

In Palmdale, California, he is the proprietor of Grandma’s Attic, a thrift shop.

Samu Samu was defeated by Calvin in the UAGF 2 – Ultimate Cage Fighting 2 match in 2002.

So, after going through his life and career, what can we say about Ivy Calvin net worth? How much money has he earned in his career so far?

Ivy Calvin Net Worth

Ivy Calvin Net Worth
Ivy Calvin

$1.5 million is what has been widely quoted as being Ivy Calvin net worth. The former mixed martial artist is worth quite a lot of money.

Ivy Calvin earned quite a lot of money on Storage Wars.

A $25,000 signing incentive, a $124,500 expense account, and $2,500 per month for travel expenses were reportedly given to each cast member.

All of these details were made public as a result of the lawsuit that Dave Hester, one of the key participants, brought.


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