Jackie Appiah allegedly agrees to be the 2nd wife of George Weah, wedding set on December 10

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Wild news spreading uniformly on the grapevine reveals that one of Ghana’s most celebrated actresses Jackie Appiah will get married to football legend and president of Liberia, George Weah on December 10.

Rumours about a romantic affair between Weah and Jackie have enveloped the duo for a relatively long time although there has been no concrete evidence to show they are items.

This new wave of gossip was generated on Twitter and although the “there’s no smoke without fire” proverb wields much truism, this online portal can’t vouch for the authenticity of this report.

Some online blogs have already picked this up and suggested that the actress whose fame spread beyond the shores of Africa has agreed to be the second wife of the Liberian president come December 10.

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Meanwhile, the wife of George Manneh Weah, the 25th President of the Republic of Liberia, elected in 2017 is Clar Marie Duncan Weah. She is a Jamaican businesswoman, philanthropist, advocate, and the current First Lady of the Republic of Liberia.

Similarly, blogger Aba The Great, back in September 2022, revealed that Jackie was pregnant for George Weah in one of her speculative reports she shared on Instagram.

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The actress’s attention was drawn to the publication and she quickly reacted to it by saying;

She asked all to treat such gossips as unnecessary and useless. “Please ignore all rumours, it is not true, I don’t entertain unnecessary rumours, do I look like a pregnant woman here? Please ignore the rumours…I love you all…ignore all rumours.”

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and watch how things would unfold with the passage of time.

Jackie Appiah is reportedly pregnant
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SOURCE: www.Ghbase.com


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