‘Jackie Appiah Gave Me ‘Hell’ When I First Interviewed Her’- Blogger Ameyaw Debrah

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Journalist often pride themselves with some high-profile interviews they make because this enriches their resume. Getting some of these A-list celebs and personalities is not easy, let alone the way you’ll have them answering questions to suit your objective.

Popular Ghanaian blogger, Ameyaw Debrah has shared his experience when he interviewed his first celebrity, Jackie Appiah.

He told the eloquent AJ Sarpong on Citi TV’s hall of fame, that the mother of one gave him a tough time because she’s the type who does not give out much information.

According to him, interviews depend on the demeanour of the interviewee.

“A great interview depends on the person you’re interviewing because you can have all the brilliant questions and the person’s demeanour and how much the person wants to give will determine how good an interview it is in total. And so people have not enjoyed interviewing include Jackie Appiah”, he said.

“I remember when one of her interviews came out on BBC pidgin, I’d go to her and I say this is my favourite interview of you because you’re very boring when we’re interviewing you and she was like: oh Ameyaw and you’ve never told me this”, he added.

“And I’m like but it’s true. You never give out enough but that interview, it was like she was comfortable. It was really good. So Jackie probably has given me some of my worst interviews”, he concluded.

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