Jackie Appiah has invited a huge problem for herself over mansion display – Bulldog

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From the look of things, Bulldog isn’t thrilled with Jackie Appiah, actress and entrepreneur, choosing to post pictures of her property on social media.

He saw the move as a free invitation to the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), which would normally be knocking on her home seeking explanations.

“It’s not always a nice experience dealing with the taxman,” Bulldog said on UTV’s United Showbiz, airing on July 2.

“The first video I saw (of the house) was of a girl (Nigerian actress) who was the one filming but the one I just saw (played on United Showbiz) is surfaced.

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“I am praying and hoping this professional version is for a commercial reason because what she has done is unwise. What Jackie has done is not wise. The GRA, they don’t play and that is the culture, that is why people don’t disclose their wealth.

“The GRA doesn’t play in Ghana, if the law hasn’t caught up with you, you’ll think there are no laws. She has invited a huge problem for herself,” he added.

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He advised that in case the GRA calls on her as he expected would happen, “she should find a better reason,” he went on to explain how even gifts are sometimes subject to tax and how he and others were scrutinized when they used to work for Xylofon.

After the video of her Trassaco house went viral, Jackie Appiah became a hot topic last week. Some realtors say the home is worth slightly more than $1.5 million, but no one knows for sure.

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