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I have always expressed huge concerns for the need for our celebrities to take their social media platforms seriously. Ghbase.Com can confirm that Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah has gained the blue badge on her over 790,000 facebook fanpage. According to facebook, some well-known public figures and pages with large followings are verified by Facebook as having an authentic identity. John dumelo with over 1.4million likes has not even had his page verified. She is the next Ghanaian celebrity to hit 1 million likes but the account is fake just like Van Vicker’s page with 1.4million likes.


Ghbase.com  attention’s was drawn to a statement the award-winning actress made last year at the nominees’ party of City People Entertainment Awards at Excel Night Club in Accra. The ’4 Play’ actress on the night said she is neither on facebook nor twitter hence any account bearing her name on these social media networks are fake. She further added that the only social media network she has an account on is instagram.

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So from what the actress said last year, could it be that Facebook did not do its job well and subsequently verified a fake facebook account of the actress or Jackie Appiah created an account after she made that statement last year July. Can we even blame Facebook at all? There is a need for celebrities to have online presence managers, if they want to be on the level of the likes like Beyonce, Oprah Winfrey, and the rest

Jackie Appiah should however be aware of the danger that fake verified page poses to her brand as an actress, as it can mislead 1000s of fans into dealing with who ever is managing that page. She is not the only celebrity in Ghana who a fake facebook page has been created for. Ghbase.com has a database of all the fake celebrity pages from the likes of Chris Attoh, Adjetey Annan, Majid Michel and several others.

After the facebook fanpage was verified, the official instagram page of the actress did not post about the successful news as most celebrities do but it was only the facebook page which reported about the verification. Last year when Jackie made the statement that she wasn’t on facebook, her highest fake facebook account had over 600,000 likes. Could it be that, that account has grown to hit over 790,000 likes and resulted in facebook verifying it since they verify pages with large followings?

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If Jackie really loves her fans and want to stay true to them, she should not just sit down and expect everyone to know, that page is a fake one, she has every right to claim that page and i can even help her get it back.

Click here to go to the fake facebook page of Jackie Appiah


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