Jackie Chan bio, age, career, net worth, awards, wife

Jackie Chan bio, age, career, net worth, awards, wife

Who is Jackie Chan?

Hong Kong actor, director, martial artist, and stuntman Fang Shilong SBS MBE PMW, also known professionally as Jackie Chan and Cheng Long in Chinese, is well-known for his slapstick acrobatic fighting technique, comedic timing, and daring feats, which he usually pulls off by himself.

Jackie Chan bio

On April 7, 1954, Jackie Chan was born in Hong Kong. Chan Kong-sang is his actual name. Because of his boundless activity as a toddler, he was dubbed “Pao-Pao.” Despite coming from a Chinese family, he was raised as a French consul. His parents were embassy of France employees.

Jackie Chan height

Jackie Chan is 5′ 7′′ tall in feet and inches or 170 cm. He weighs about 143 lbs. or 65 kg. His brown eyes and hair are both. He was born on April 7, 1954, and is 68 years old as of 2022.

Jackie Chan education

Jackie Chan graduated from Nah-Hwa Primary School and is now an adult. He was a very well-liked child from the beginning. Later, Dickson College in Australia accepted him. Because he was constantly so animated, everyone gave him the name Jackie Chan.

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Jackie Chan wife and children

Jackie Chan’s personal life is pretty interesting. Jackie Chan has been in relationship several times but currently he is married and living his life happily. He has a son named Jaycee Chan with Joan Lin, the woman he married in 1982. Jaycee was born the year they got married. His son is both an actor and a vocalist.

Charles Chan and Lee-Lee Chan welcomed their first child, Jackie Chan, on April 7, 1954 in Victoria Peak, Hong Kong.

Elaine Ng Yi-Lie is Jackie Chan’s daughter from an extramarital affair. His personality has been greatly damaged as a result, and negative remarks about him have become commonplace. Later, Jackie Chan admitted that what he had done was improper and promised to cover Elaine and his daughter’s expenses.

Because of his appearance and his movies, Jackie Chan is particularly well-liked among kids.

Jackie Chan career

Jackie Chan has had a lavish career in the film business. He has produced over 150 films, several of which have become box office hits. When he was only six years old in 1960, he began his profession.

Jackie Chan has appeared in more than 150 movies, such as the Rush Hour trilogy, Shanghai Noon, and The Karate Kid. He made his debut as a director in 1980 with “The Young Master.” He directed and performed in the 1987 film “Defensive Layer of God.”

He currently holds the record for the most extravagant credits in a single film! He performed multiple roles in “Chinese Zodiac,” including author, director, main actor, stand-in, producer, chief producer, cinematographer, craftsmanship director, unit creation manager, stunt coordinator, prop man, gaffer, and facilitator of catering.

Jackie Chan is a fantastic singer and has studied opera as well. He is a well-known opera singer who performs Mandopop and Cantopop. He has released numerous albums and written the themes for numerous films.

He worked on numerous movies over his lengthy career, which began when he was barely five years old.

He has experience both in Bollywood and Hollywood. His acting career has been great. You will never witness a better martial artist or stuntman than him. A Chinese actor, writer, director, and producer is Jackie Chan. Jackie works in singing, action choreography, and film production in addition to acting and film production. He excels at performing stunts as well.

Although Jackie Chan is a very jovial person who enjoys comedy a lot, he is also the best action hero. Jackie Chan is bilingual in English, Mandarin, Chinese, Korean, and other languages. As a well-known philanthropist with a long history of charitable activity, Jackie Chan. Forbes ranked him among the top 10 celebrities who give back.

When his career was only getting started in the 1960s, he used to play tiny roles. As a stuntman, he has worked on movies starring Bruce Lee. His portrayal in the film Hand of Death made him well-known, and as a result, he was picked to star alongside Bruce Lee in the film New Fist of Fury. His two biggest films were Drunken Master and Snakes in the Eagles Shadow.

Currently, Jackie Chan serves as the Dean of the Jackie Chan Film and Television Academy and teaches at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s School of Hotel and Tourism Management.

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Jackie Chan net worth

Jackie Chan is a Chinese actor, stuntman, martial artist, and director from Hong Kong with a $520 million net worth.

Jackie Chan awards

Over the course of his career, Jackie Chan has garnered numerous honors and awards. He has received numerous honors, including Academy Awards, American Choreography Awards, the Asia Pacific Film Festival’s Lifetime Achievement Award, the ASEAN International Film Festival’s ASEAN Inspiration Award, and many others.

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