Jacqueline Ray Bio, Career, Husband, Net Worth, Movies

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Jacqueline Ray is a popular American celebrity and model born in the United States of America on 17th July, 1952. According to her date of birth, she is 70 years of age as of 2022. She is very famous because of her role in the spy film, In Like Flint and also because of her former marriage to one of America’s best and most popular actors, Tom Selleck.

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Jacqueline Ray Career

The actress is known for her tremendous acting in the comedy spy film, In Like Flint which was released in the year 1967. It is recorded that she started showing love for film when she was very young. She started her journey into the media as a model.

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She was seen in a 1980 film called The Killings in Outpost Zeta. After that, she also featured in some popular television series like Magnum Pi and The Gnome-Mobile.


Jacqueline Ray Movies and TV Shows 

The famous ex-wife of Tom Selleck had been part of a couple of successful films and television series in her entire life. Some of her famous features are;

  • In Like Flint (1967)
  • The Killings in Outpost Zeta (1980)
  • The Gnome-Mobile (1964)
  • Magnum Pi (1980-1988)
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Jacqueline Ray Net Worth

The American actress has an estimated net worth of about $5million approximately. She has made quite a lot of money from her career as a professional actress, model and television personality. Acting is currently her main source of income.

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Jacqueline Ray Husband

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Jacqueline Ray

Jacqueline Ray has been married three times but all did not end so well. She was first married to Shepard with whom she had a son called Kevin Shepard and later Kevin Selleck. Her next marriage was to Tom Selleck, one of America’s top actors of all time. They tied the knot on 15th May, 1971. Tom Selleck adopted Kevin Shepard hence, the change of the last name.

However, Tom Selleck and his wife divorced in the year 1982 and remarried a man called Clarence Barry Witner on 21st March, 1992. They gave birth to a beautiful daughter called Umeko Ray. Sadly, their marriage reached an end.

Presently, the actress is serving an 18-year jail term after she confirmed to hiring a hitman to assassinate her son-in-law, Leon Bauchum, Umeko Ray’s husband to protect her from an alleged abusive marriage.


Who Is Kevin Selleck Mother?

Kevin Selleck’s mother’s name is Jacqueline Ray. She is a popular American actress, model and television personality who is currently serving an 18-year jail term for hiring a hitman to kill her son-in-law, Leon Bauchum.

Who Are Kevin Selleck’s Parents?

Kevin Selleck’s father’s name is Shepard and his mother also bears the name Jacqueline Ray. His birth name was Kevin Shepard but after his mother’s divorce from his father and getting married to Tom Selleck, an American actor, he was adopted by the actor hence, the change of surname.

Summary Profile

Name: Jacqueline Ray

Date of Birth: 17th July, 1952

Age: 70 years of age as of 2022

Place of Birth: The United States of America

Career: Actress, model

Net Worth: $5million approximately


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