Did Jael Wiafe Shoot Her ‘Climb’ Music Video To Push NPP’s FREE SHS Policy?

The stunning gospel musician, Jael Wiafe has a new song titled ‘Climb’ and after watching the music video, we are strongly of the opinion that, Jael Wiafe dropped this music video purposely to endorse the NPP’s Free SHS Policy.

Although Jael Wiafe has not openly declared that she’s an NPP enthusiast or made any statements in the past to indicate she’s a fan of the political party, her new music video in a way suggests, she’s a secret NPP member—We are not saying it’s wrong because everyone has a right to an association in this country.

Jael Wiafe

If you watch the music video, which we have attached below, you would realize that it’s an inspirational video and the theme of the video is focused on investing in a child’s education. At the end of the video, it’s realised that, an investment in every child’s education, increases their chances of becoming prominent people in our society.

It’s obvious that Jael Wiafe is happy about NPP’s Free SHS policy and is subtly sending a signal that, this is something, we should have done as a country a long time ago—Investing in every child’s education.

After watching the music video for about 3 times already, as I was dazzled by the concept itself, the content of the song, art direction, quality in the sound and the silkeness of Jael’s voice, I wondered why Jael hasn’t taken music serious all these years.

I dare say that, she would have been at the same level like the Cece Winans, and co by now. I would be glad to see her do music full time, because she’s one of the people we need in our music industry.

This is the third inspirational music video of Jael, I have come across. I remember her ‘Keep On Believing’ music video has 1 million plus views on youtube now, and another one titled ‘Fight’ with also more than 300K views and from comments on the video, people just love Jael but Jael does good music, and vanishes into thin air.

Well, I think we should try and get an interview with Jael one of these days and find out why, she’s decided not to take music serious. I just hope she doesn’t take this piece the wrong way for opining that, it was one shot to subtly endorse NPP’s free Shs policy which has been implemented now.

Watch the music video below: