Jaffer Zaidi: Who is Nayyara Noor son?

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Nayyara Noor is a popular Pakistani singer who passed away on August 21, 2022, at the age of 71. Prior to her death, Nayyara Noor was one of the iconic and celebrated singers who is also considered one of the subcontinent’s most popular singers. Nayyara Noor was best known for performing in live ghazal singing concerts in Pakistani TV shows and in concert halls around the country.

Nayyara Noor Sickness

Nayyara Noor died from an unknown sickness that bedridden her for a long time before she finally gave up the ghost. That said, her family is yet to make public her exact cause of death.
Nayyara Noor was reportedly under treatment in Karachi when she died.

Nayyara had two sons before she sadly passed away.

Jaffer Zaidi: Nayyara Noor Son

Jaffer Zaidi is one of the children of Noor but he is also known as a Pakistani musician, singer-songwriter, composer, and pianist. He is the lead vocalist of the semiclassical band Kaavish.

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