Jahshii slams veteran Shabba Ranks for doing little to mentor upcoming artistes

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Jahshii has slammed veteran Shabba Ranks for doing little to mentor upcoming Dancehall artists like himself.

Discussing his controversial posture on OnStage with Winford Williams, the singer laments the lack of mentorship and help from established artists in the business.

Jahshii threaded this controversial path back in Decmber 2021 while in an Anthony Miller interview in December. During the said interview, he was asked if the “current generation (can) do it like the old guys did?”

Without mincing words, he mentioned that fellow new artists Skeng, 450, Silk Boss, Yaksta, Dane Ray, Nation Boss, and himself as the future of dancehal hence he’s not speaking for himself but a general mentorship from older generation.

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“Bredda, dem man deh a powerful yute. Yuh nuh haffi question dat. Da question deh nuh haffi ask…dem man deh a guh teck music to a way different level. Dem just need exposure bredda,” Jahshii had said.

Jahshii singled out Shabba Ranks and other artists who made it big but have not provided fertile ground for the new crop of artists.

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“Suh yuh si Shabba Ranks dem bredda, an di whole a dem name deh weh yuh fi call, fi di dem man deh collaboration fi guh expose dem to di world inna music form… dem man deh fraid fi gi di exposure!” he said raising his voice.

Jahshii expanded his position by saying while those older artists faced their own trials, the current crop of upcoming entertainers still have it difficult and have no one to help even though hypothetically, there are people there to help.

“We deh fi kick down more doors,” Jahshii begins.

“Mi a deh ya now, you know you have whole heap of artist right now and dem nuh buss and dem a artist?. Even if you go pan the road right now you have 10 men and dem a friend and all ah dem a artist because a music,” he says as he highlights the challenges young musicians face.

“Music a in-born talent still enuh, Shabba dem get him talent him born inna dem say a music dem fi do. So it nuh matter if mi did sing Dancehall, Hip Hop or none of them, it’s an in-born thing for me, it’s something weh mi fawud fi do,” he said before adding that he is also not a fan of Shabba Ranks having not been exposed to his music growing up.

“Personally, mi a no wan fan of Shabba. Ask mi fi sing one Shabba now mi ongle can tell you say ah di man dutty stinkin’ Shabba mi nuh know no Shabba song just by mi braintop, mi go medz some Sizzla and thing deh but memba mi young to and mi fawud come here Jah Cure and dem man deh too listen to them man deh music and a dem mi know and dem platform and be like mi wan be like dem man deh.”

“It’s important that the youngsters know what the generation before them did,” Winford told Jahshii to which he gave Shabba his props.

“Big up Shabba dem same way. You affi big up Shabba dem. Differently still, we a yute weh show love inna the music. We work with everybody but anuh anybody still,” he said.

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