Jamal Adeen Thomas Bio & Facts About Justice Clarence Thomas’s Son

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Jamal Adeen Thomas is an American actor and television host. He is popularly known as the son of the Supreme Court’s longest-serving justice, Clarence Thomas. Jamal made his film acting debut in 2005 and has since featured in several movies and television shows. Keep reading as I narrate all about his life.

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Jamal Adeen Thomas Bio

Adeen was born in the United States to his mother and father, Thomas Clarence. However, in 1984, his parents separated and so his father married again 3 years later in 1987.  After divorcing his first wife, Thomas Clarence retained custody of Jamal and raised him with his new wife.

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Despite being raised largely by his father, Jamal did not follow his father’s profession rather he moved into the movie industry. As revealed earlier, he made his debut as an actor in 2005 by playing the role of Terrel Grant in the movie With no Hint. Let us check some of the movies he has featured below.

Jamal Adeen Thomas Movies

  1. 2005 – With no Hint (Terrel Grant)
  2. 2006 – Gray’s Anatomy (Larry The Paramedic)
  3. 2007 – Days of Our Lives (Vegas Cop)
  4. 2008 – Soiled Horny Cash (Reporter #2)
  5. 2008 – Two and a Half Males (Fireman #2)
  6. 2009 – The Daring and the Lovely (CBS Guard)
  7. 2010 – Entourage (Agent)
  8. 2010 – Legislation & Order: Los Angeles (Uni Sergeant)
  9. 2011 – True Jackson, VP (Legislation & Order: Los Angeles)
  10. 2015 – Blue Bloods (Detective Rogers)
  11. 2016 – Full Disclosure (Chris)
  12. 2018 – The Blacklist (Native Officer #2)
  13. 2018 – Billions (Automobile Man)
  14. In 2018 – The sixth Diploma (Derek)
  15. 2019 – The Enemy Inside (Congressional Safety Officer)
  16. 2019 – Awaken (Tom-Tom)
  17. 2020 – Legislation & Order: Particular Victims Unit (Counselor Morgan Carter/Authorized Assist)
  18. 2020 – FBI: Most Needed (SWAT Chief)

Jamal Adeen Thomas Age

Adeen’s real age is not yet known however, he is rumored to be born in 1969. With this, Jamal Adeen is likely to be 52 or 53 years in 2022.

Jamal Adeen Thomas’s Parents

Adeen was born to Clarance Thomas and Kathy Grace. His parents separated later and so his father remarried Virginia Lamp. Jamal’s father, Clarance Thomas is an American lawyer who serves as an associate justice in the United States Supreme Court. He was nominated to succeed Thurgood Marshall by ex-president George H. W. Bush. Clarance has been in office since 1991.

Jamal Adeen Thomas’s Mother

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Adeen was born to Kathy Grace Ambush and his father Clarence Thomas. In 1984, his parents separated and his father married for the second time in 1987 to Virginia Lamp.

Jamal Adeen Thomas’s Wife

The actor has kept his personal life private. There is no information about who he is dating or married to.

Jamal Adeen’s Political Party

Adeen surely supports a political party however he has kept it from the public view.

Jamal Adeen’s Net Worth

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His worth as an actor and television host has helped him to make a lot of income. Jamal Adeen’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million.


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