James Aboagye led FIPAG should resign! 4 years in office and no film village, no theatre in Kumasi – Ruthy

Highly-opinionated showbiz critic, Ruthy has hit hard on the current leadership of the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) led by James Aboagye.

According to her, the current leaders of the FIPAG have totally failed members who voted them into office.

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In the voice of Ruthy, she is much disappointed in the current leadership for failing to honor promises they made prior to their election into office.

Sharing her thoughts on James Aboagye led FIPAG who has been in office for almost four years said the current leaders of the FIPAG must be voted out as they have failed to champion the film village and theatre course in the Ashanti region.

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Ruthy reiterated that James Aboagye and his cohorts are only interested in releasing unwarranted sacking letters at the expense of fulfilling their core mandate as leaders of the Film Producers Association of Ghana.

Y’all know how James Aboagye led FIPAG released a letter to ban actress Tracey Boakye over a trivial issue and recently, released a letter of apology full of grammatical errors to apologize to Ghanaians on behalf of actor Yaw Dabo who had said only lazy people watch movie for an hour.

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Ruthy, therefore, called on the delegates to vote out James Aboagye led FIPAG, or better still resign as they have failed totally and also lost focus on their real job duties!






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