James Gardiner Finally Reacts To John Dumelo Dumping His Sister To Marry Another Woman

There were rumours sometime back that John Dumelo was dating the sister of actor James Gardiner but we didn’t get any confirmation back then as John Dumelo kept his dating life very private but James Gardiner’s recent revelation has confirmed that rumour.

Okay, John Dumelo is now married to Gifty but before his marriage to her, he was dating the sister of James Gardiner but ditched her (perhaps one of the many women he had to let go to be with Gifty) and actor James Gardiner has opened up what he feels about John ditching his sister.

At the traditional wedding of actress Bibi Bright, James Gardiner was asked how he felt about the situation by JoyPrime’s MzGee. James Gardiner indicated that he does not know why John decided to break up with his sister and its something he cares less about and does not want to know.

According to James, he does not involve himself in whatever relationship his sister gets into so whatever happened between the two of them, is their own issue since they are adults and know whats best for them.

“Whatever happens between her and John’s life is between the two of them. They are adults and I don’t like meddling in the people’s relationships. I know they were together but as to how things didn’t go, how it was supposed to be, whether they had a misunderstaindng or they agreeed that they had to go their seperate ways, I had no idea.” he told MzGee.

James Gardiner, however, indicated that that has not affected his friendship with John Dumelo.
Watch the video below:



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