Jan Adams Biography, Career, Net Worth, Surgeon

Jan Adams is a well-known former cosmetic surgeon in the United States, as well as an author and television host whose life was blighted by several controversies emanating from his career as a surgeon.

Today, we look into the life and career of the former cosmetic surgeon. Who is Jan Adams? In this article, we shall talk about his career, net worth and some of the problems he has had to face in his career over the years.

Jan Adams Biography

Adams was born in the United States of America on April 21, 1954, in Middletown, Ohio.

There is no information available regarding his parents, siblings, or early life.

Education and Career

Jan Adams net worth

Jan is a learned man. Studying medicine is no easy thing but the doctor has gone through all the processes to be a qualified medical practitioner. What is his educational background and what has his career trajectory been?

Dr Adams began his schooling at Harvard University and went on to Ohio State University College of Medicine, where he graduated in June 1985.

He received his training in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery at the University of Michigan, where he also served as the plastic surgery chief resident.

As UCLA’s first fellow in cosmetic surgery, he finished his surgical training.

The surgeon has had to face a lot of challenges in his career.

Most notable of all of his problems is the fact that Dr Adams is most known as the plastic surgeon who operated on Donda West, the mother of rapper Kanye West, and conducted breast reduction surgery and other surgeries on her.

Donda West died a day after the surgery.

Jan Adams Net Worth

Jan Adams

What is Jans Adams net worth? Jan Adams’ net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

His wealth has been impacted by his involvement in controversies.

Jan Adams Surgeon

What happened to Jan Adams Surgeon? Why was he arrested? In November 2007, Jan Adams performed liposuction, a stomach tuck, and a breast reduction on Donda West, but she died the next day after complaining of chest pain and stiffness.

He was also arrested several times for driving under the influence of alcohol. His medical license was later revoked.



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