Jania Meshell : What to know about NBA YounBoy’s Ex-Girlfriend

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Jania Meshell is a social Media Icon who took over headlines and become very popular as a result of her relationship with renowned American Rapper, NBA YoungBoy.

Jania Meshell age, How Old is Jania Meshell?

22 years old

She was born into this world on January 11, 2000 in Houston, Texas of the United States of America where she grew up alongside her parents. This all but confirmed that, Jania Meshell age is currently 22 years of age as of the year 2022.

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Unlike other stars who always made available to the public details about their family background, Jania Meshell has done the complete opposite, she however once spoked about her relationship with her father and it seems a broken one.

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According to her in one of her YouTube videos titled “My Dad Doesn’t Love me”, Jania described her entire relationship with her father as Never good as she does not feel any possible Father and Daughter Bromance since growing up.

Researches also made it known that, her Paternal grandmother was White, her mother is a black and her Unloved father also a half black, half White.

Relationship with NBA YoungBoy

Jania Meshell Was one of the sexy ladies to have engaged in a relationship with Rapper, NBA YoungBoy. The two started a good relationship that they never made known to the media until years later.

Jania Meshell
Jania Meshell

In 2018, The relationship actually came into the spotlight for the first time when the rapper in a video that made it’s way unto the internet could be seen body slamming Jania in a hotel halfway. YoungBoy was then arrested later for kidnapping and other alleged crime acts.

Multiple sources later found out that The pair  ended their affair during the times Jania Meshell was pregnant for the rapper, till date, they have never spoken about what led to their breakup but many believed it was as a result of YoungBoy’s arrest.

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Quick Facts to know about Jania Meshell

  • She has a son with her ex boyfriend NBA YoungBoy.
  • She is in an on and off relationship with Boxer, Devin Haney in an affair they begun since 2021.
  • Jania Meshell Was also previously in a relationship with professional basketball player Dejounte Murray.



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