Janie Beggs: Bio, age, net worth, marriage to Glenn Frey

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Janie Beggs is one of the people who got popular not because they had worked for it as other people would, but just because of their affiliation to a popular person.

Janie Beggs only got famous and known by all because she was spouse to a man whose music many people across the world love to listen to. You can’t be spouse to such a powerhouse of a musician without getting noticed.

Janie Beggs rode on the popularity of Glenn Frey whom she married in 1983, a marriage that lasted for only five years.

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We at GhBase.com, as we have always done, decided to bring you up to speed with all that there is to know about Jennie Beggs, the ex-wife of Glenn Frey. We look at her brief biography, her net worth, and the circumstances surrounding her marriage with Glenn Frey amongst other things.

Who is Janie Beggs?

Jani Beggs
Beggs | source: MarriedCeleb

Here is a brief biography of Jennie Beggs.

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Janie Beggs was born in Fort Worth, Texas 1952, on April 24.

She is the daughter of Janie Famer Beggs and Ed Farmer Beggs.

Beggs holds American nationality and holds a mixed ancestral ethnicity.

Jannie Beggs’s ancestors emigrated from Britain to Texas and began cattle companies in America, Beggs Cattle Company which later became one of the most successful cattle businesses in the USA.

What is Janie Beggs age?

Having been born on 24th April 1952, Janie is 69nyears of age now.

Begg’s brothers, Ed Jr., and George IV were interested in continuing their family business, but she was always passionate about art and music.

Janie Beggs marriage to Glenn Frey

Janie Beggs
Beggs | source: SuperbHub

Janie Beggs met and got married to the American singer Glenn Frey in 1983.

The two are believed to have met during the early ’80s in one of his rock shows and they instantly fell in love with each other and started dating ever since.

The couple tied the knot in 1983.

But, the bonding couldn’t remain the same forever and after five years they got divorced in 1988.

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Who is Glenn Frey, Janie Beggs ex-husband?

Janie Beggs
The late Glenn Frey, Beggs’ ex-husband | source: Nights With Alice Cooper

Glenn Frey, an American singer, songwriter, and actor, was born in Detroit, Michigan on November 6, 1948.

Growing up in Royal Oak, Michigan, he studied piano at age five, later switched to guitar, and became part of the mid-1960s Detroit rock scene.

One of his earliest bands was called the Subterraneans, named after Jack Kerouac’s novel, and included fellow Dondero High School classmates Doug Edwards (later replaced by Lenny Mintz) on drums, Doug Gunsch and Bill Barnes on guitar, and Jeff Hodge on bass.

Glenn Frey got married to Janie Beggs in 1983 and after five years, their marriage ended. Frey remarried in 1990, this time, to Cindy Millican.

Frey, unfortunately, died on January 18, 2016.

Frey was the co-lead singer and frontman for the Eagles, roles he came to share with fellow member Don Henley, with whom he wrote most of the Eagles’ material.

What is Janie Beggs net worth?

Janie’s actual occupation isn’t too clear as she only became popular when she married Glenn, so how much does she make, actually?

With her ex-husband’s net worth estimated to be around $90 million, one would suggest that she has some share in this and that is just funding her good life as her occupation or any income source is not known to the public.

Janie Beggs ex-husband’s death

The rock music sensation and co-founder of Eagles, Glenn Frey passed away leaving all the memories behind on January 18th, 2016.

According to the sources, Frey died in New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center.

As per some sources, Glenn was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis, and pneumonia since 2000.

Watch one of Glenn Frey’s music videos here:

Source: GhBase.com

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