“January Has Ended, And So Must All The Madness”; Erica Fires People Dragging Her Into Their Business

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After seemingly taking ages to end, the dreaded month of January has finally left us, and for Nigerian actress and brand ambassador Erica, all the madness that people used to engage in must also stop.

As has always been the case with celebrities, their fans drag them into things they don’t even know anything about and for Erica, those things must go with January as she has only set her mind on the next month and for the rest of the year.

She pleaded for people not to drag her into anything that doesn’t concern her at all.

According to her, she wants to only engage in meaningful endeavors that will bring success to her and not things that won’t add any value to her life.

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She made this call in a tweet that suggested that she is fed up with all the shenanigans by fans and thereby ask them to leave her out as she is not ready to be dragged into any bogus issues as the new month surfaces.

“Now the month is ending, let all the madness end with it.

Don’t ever involve me in any business that doesn’t concern me, I’m ready for next month and the rest of the year! To success and meaningful endeavors,” Erica wrote.

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It appears Erica is increasingly becoming uncomfortable with what fans have been up to with regards to her relations with Kiddwaya. She has had enough and she is by this tweet telling fans she isn’t ready to countenance it any longer.

See her tweet below;

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