Jasmine Sanders Parents: See Her Fine Parents

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Jasmine Sanders parents must be so proud of their cute daughter now after her exploits in her chosen profession—modeling—but who are the fine parents of the German-American model who is so highly rated in the industry?

Every parent likes to see their child move to the greater heights that Jamines Sanders has reached now.

It is the reason any parent would go to any length to equip their child with the best that will put them in good stead for success in whatever that they choose to do.

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Although some parents will normally like to push their children towards certain professions, which the children may not have any interest in, others tend to support their children through whatever their interests are.

Jasmine Sanders parents have certainly been supportive of her career in that from as little as seven years old, she began to model and her parents did not put any pressure on her to stop it, and that is what has brought her this far.

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Her parents must be great people, so who are they?

The parents of celebrities are not quite talked about as much as their children.

Sometimes, it is the choice of the parents to be kept out of the spotlight, at other times too, it is the celebrities that do not want people to talk about and know everything about their parents.

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Well, in this article, we are going to endeavor to find some information about model Jasmine Sanders parents.

Jamsine Sanders Parents: Who Is Jasmine?

Jasmine Sanders

Let’s take a moment to zoom in on who Jasmine is in this section of the article.

Who is Jasmine Sanders?

German-American model and fashion influencer Jasmine Sanders, was raised in Columbia, South Carolina. Compared to her job, her educational history is less well-known.

Starting her modeling career seven, and being so good at it from the start, the focus was more on grooming her in her interest other than chasing degrees and this might be why there is little about her educational background as the focus was all on her career beginnings.

Jasmine Sanders, a well-known German American model, was born in Germany on June 22, 1991.

She is 31 years old as of the time of this article’s writing.

Who are Jasmine Sanders parents?

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Jasmine Sanders Parents

Jasmine Sanders Parents
Jasmine and Andre Sanders

Her parents met while her father was a military service member stationed abroad. Jasmine Sanders Parents are Andre Sanders and Ursula Sanders.

Where are her parents from?

Being described in her biography as a German-American model means that she is a dual citizen, meaning that her parents are from different backgrounds.

Her father, Andre Sanders, is from South Carolina, and Ursula Sanders, a cosmetics artist, is from Germany.

Jasmine was born in Germany, where the couple met, and where she was born while her father was stationed there in the military.

When Jasmine was approximately a year old, the Sanders family returned to Columbia, South Carolina.

The cover model is the family’s youngest daughter.

Jasmine’s Fame

Jasmine Sanders net worth
Jasmine Sanders

Jasmine Sanders Parents are proud of her because of her fame, which comes on the back of her good work in her career as a model; how did she achieve her fame? How did she become this popular?

She is well-liked due to her career.

It is crucial that you learn about her accomplishments because if not for what she has done for herself in her chosen field, no one would have heard of her.

For companies like Seventeen, Nike, ALDO shoes, Free People, and others, she served as a young model.

Sanders has appeared on the runway a lot for designers like Ralph Lauren, Moschino, DKNY, and others.

She appeared in the 2019 swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated before appearing on the cover of the magazine’s 2020 issue.

Sanders participated in America’s Next Top Model as a special guest judge in 2017.

Along with this, she has appeared in episodes of the TV series Catfish: The TV Show, Hip Hop Squares, Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, Extra, and Scream.

In the 2014 movie School Dance, she had an appearance.

She has been successful in looking at how things have gone for her.

One area of life that Jasmine Sanders parents may be concerned about is the area of marriage.

It is an area where she has struggled to hold things together and that means that she is currently unmarried after leaving her former husband, Anthony Rhoades.


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