Jason Whitlock Net Worth: How Much Is He Worth?

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In this day and age, broadcasters earn a lot of money. And if you are as good as Jason, it might not surprise you that you find yourself wanting to know Jason Whitlock net worth; so how much is the American sports broadcaster worth?

In this article, you are going to read about how much money he has earned and how his career panned out.

He is regarded as one of the best in the business; he is one that does not shy away from sharing his opinion on several matters, no matter how controversial they may be.

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His recent comments about women not being mistreated is one that received a lot of attention.

He wrote on Twitter; “I know I sound like a sexist pig. I don’t care. These are all facts: We have not mistreated women.”

That shows that he expects a lot of backlashes, but those are his comments, and his post is a way of telling everybody that they have their opinions, but those are just his and they are, according to him, “facts.”

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Well, lest we forget, this article is about Jason Whitlock net worth. We are not by any means running commentary on his comments.

So how much is Jason Whitlock worth for his work as an American sports broadcaster?

What is Jason Whitlock Net Worth?

How much is he worth today? As an American sports columnist and podcaster, Jason Whitlock net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.

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Is this something that he deserves? You may not be able to tell if you do not know how his career panned out and the things he has been able to do.

To give you a voice on this, we will let you in on who he is, how his career started, and the achievements he has calked since his career began.

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Having learned about Jason Whitlock net worth, let us get to know who he is and how his career started.

Early Life and Career

Jason Whitlock Wife
Jason Whitlock

On April 27, 1967, he was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.

His educational background can be traced to Ball State University, where he obtained a B.A. in 1990.

There is not much information available about his parents, childhood interests, and siblings.

He does not share much about his family.

For the work that he has done, Jason Whitlock net worth of $10 million is something that he so deserves.

How did things begin for him?

In Bloomington, Indiana, Whitlock’s first position was as a part-time employee of The Herald-Times.

Reporting for The Charlotte Observer was his first permanent position.

He stayed there for almost a year before joining The Ann Arbor News in 1992, where he covered the University of Michigan for two years.

His illustrious career has sent him to the likes of outlets such as Fox Sports Radio, Fox Sports 1, Fox News, and Blaze Media.

He has also written columns for ESPN.com’s Page 2.

The vibe, Playboy, and The Sporting News have all featured Whitlock’s writing.

He penned a 5,000-word editorial for Playboy’s June 2008 edition that questioned the country’s jail and drug-control measures.

Playboy’s “The Black KKK” headline prompted Whitlock to criticize Playboy editorial director Chris Napolitano in two essays, one published in the Kansas City Star and one on Foxsports.com, for the inaccurate and divisive headline.

Do you think Jason Whitlock net worth, reportedly pegged at $10 million, is something that he deserves?


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