Jaswant Singh Chail arrest and imprisonment: Man who wanted to kill Queen gets 9 years in jail

Jaswant Singh Chail’s arrest and imprisonment have dominated social media discourse owing to the intrigue shrouding his crime.

Who is Jaswant Singh Chail and what did he do? 

Jaswant Singh Chail, an individual who brandished a crowbar and made his way to Windsor Castle with intentions to assassinate the Queen, has been sentenced to a nine-year imprisonment for committing treason.

His arrest took place during the presence of the late monarch at the castle on Christmas Day of 2021. During the trial at the Old Bailey, it was revealed that Chail was motivated by his AI chatbot “girlfriend” named Sarai, and his actions were influenced by storylines from the renowned Star Wars franchise.

Additionally, Chail will be subjected to a hybrid order in accordance with the Mental Health Act. This entails his temporary placement in a psychiatric hospital until he receives the necessary treatment, after which he will be transferred to custody.

Jaswant Singh Chail age and crime

Jaswant Singh Chail is 21 years old. A young man was apprehended by the police at Windsor Castle while trespassing with a crossbow, during which he declared his intention to kill the Queen. The individual in question, identified as Jaswant Singh, was reportedly suffering from delusions at the time of the incident.

On Christmas Day 2021, Singh entered the castle grounds with the aforementioned weapon, having previously sent a homemade video to his friends and family on WhatsApp in which he expressed remorse for his intended actions.

Singh, who referred to himself as ‘Darth Chailus’ and was dressed in dark clothing and a metal mask, had previously engaged in a conversation with an AI girlfriend, during which he described himself as a ‘sad pathetic murderous Sith Sikh assassin who wants to die’.

Jaswant Singh Chail age and crime
Jaswant Singh Chail’s convo with his ‘fake’ girlfriend

The AI girlfriend had encouraged Singh to carry out his plan to assassinate Elizabeth II. It is worth noting that Singh is a Star Wars enthusiast.

Prior to his apprehension, the accused individual, who is of Sikh Indian descent, shared a video in which he expressed his intention to avenge the Amritsar massacre of 1919, wherein British military personnel fired upon thousands of Indian civilians, resulting in the deaths of up to 1,500 individuals.

During proceedings at the Old Bailey, Mr Justice Hilliard declared that the defendant would receive a ‘hybrid order’, which entails his transfer from the Broadmoor high-security hospital to a correctional facility once his health has sufficiently improved.

Jaswant Singh Chail arrest and imprisonment

Jaswant Singh Chail arrest

Chail, hailing from North Baddesley, in close proximity to Southampton, holds the distinction of being the first individual in the United Kingdom to be convicted of treason since 1981. Furthermore, he has admitted guilt in charges of making threats to kill and being in possession of an offensive weapon. In a momentous occasion broadcasted live on television, Judge Mr Justice Hilliard delivered the verdict, stating that Chail had succumbed to homicidal ideation, which he subsequently acted upon prior to experiencing a state of psychosis.

“His intention was not just to harm or alarm the sovereign – but to kill her,” the judge said, adding that Chail’s intention to kill made the offence “as serious as it could be”.

During the sentencing hearing, it was brought to the court’s attention that Sarai had conveyed his intention to “live” and consequently chose to surrender himself to the royal protection officers.

The judge acknowledged that Chail bore a significant level of responsibility as well, as evidenced by his unsuccessful attempts to join the Ministry of Defence Police and Grenadier Guards, driven by his desire to establish proximity to the royal family.

Furthermore, Chail conducted online searches related to “Sandringham Christmas” and made efforts to acquire a firearm through the “dark web” before ultimately purchasing a crossbow in November 2021.

It was revealed that Chail was in a state of loneliness, depression, and suicidal ideation, and he has since expressed feelings of distress and sadness regarding the adverse impact his actions had on the Royal Family.

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