Jealousy Will Destroy Your Chance of Success – Joe Mettle

Joe Mettle has this to say to people who allow themselves to turn “green with envy” – Your jealousy will destroy your chances of success.
The sensational gospel singer shared this lesson in a quote he posted on his Instagram Page.

The post read:

“Blowing out someone else’s candle won’t make yours shine brighter…”- Anon.
He went on to explain that, it is needless for individuals to go about trying to tear people down when there is enough success around for everyone to partake.

You can’t build yourself up by tearing someone down. Jealousy will destroy your chance at success before you even have a chance to get started.

If you see someone doing well, learn to say Congratulations,” he said.
He motivated his loyal  fans to pursue their dreams with integrity as everyone can succeed if they passionately work at it.

Check out the screenshot of his Instagram post below:





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