Jeremie Vrs Kim Kardashian: Who Rocked The Long Sleeve Foil Print BodyCon?? 

Radio presenter at Live Fm, Jeremy Van Garshong attended the 2015 Ghana Meets Naija and she was one of the hosts for the Blue Carpet session (don’t be surprised, there is a blue carpet, when tigo is the sponsor, what do you expect?😂😂)
She looked beautiful in her long sleeve foil print bodycon short dress and we just couldn’t stop admiring her.
But then we realised American reality show tv star, Kim Kardashian had been spotted wearing the same dress sometime in the past to an event.
Now, we just want you to take a closer look at the picture below. The dress is almost the same, except for  some slight variations. Perhaps, Jerome didn’t want anyone to say she copied Kim or just maybe Kim’s own does not exist in the market anymore.


So, who rocked it for you? Tell us your opinion in the comments section below:
Personal Comment: Jeremie also rocked it, only that she is not hippy like Kim, so we don’t see the dress.
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