Jessica Opare Saforo replies to Shatta Wale over his marriage proposal

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Shatta Wale has expressed his admiration for the woman behind the automated voice on Ghana’s biggest network MTN.

The famed artiste said that whenever he hears the voice answering him in the event that a phone call he is putting across is not reachable or out of coverage area, it makes him happy.

The Ghanaian Dancehall performer tweeted on December 3 that he intended to marry the one who provided that comforting voice.

“The woman that has been talking on my phone from #MTN when am making a call, how old is she, I want to marry her…She can talk,” Shatta Wale tweeted.

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To this end, Jessica Opare Saforo who recently revealed that she is actually the one behind the sleek voice offered a short reply to Wale’s proposal.

In 2021, the eloquent media personality and YouTuber revealed that she is the one behind the automated voice at MTN.

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According to Jessica, she is the one who did the voice-over for the popular automated voices we hear in the process of placing a phone call.

While speaking in a video, Jessica Opare Saforo said she is the voice ambassador for MTN and the one responsible for some of the automated messages heard at the end of the line.

According to her, she is the one who says; “The number you’ve dialled cannot be reached at the moment. The mobile equipment is either switched off or out of coverage area” while adding that she is also responsible for the reminder, “You have one minute remaining.”

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