Joe Budden apologizes to Megan Thee Stallion For Podcast Comments

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The Grammy winner was reportedly the target of bullets from the Sorry 4 What rapper, but the 42-year-old had already stated his distaste for her for a number of particular things she had done.

“I’m apologizing to Meg,” the retired rapper said during the Dec. 21 episode of The Joe Budden Podcast. “Meg, the people that love her, her handlers, her team, the people that have to support her through what has to be an exhausting trial. I listened back. I got a few phone calls from women that I love and appreciate and admire.”

He continued, “I’m apologizing for the careless manner in which I joked about her mental health. That didn’t sit right with my soul and my spirit… That’s not funny because whether you believe her or don’t believe her, can you afford to be wrong? And the answer’s no.”

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The “Pump It Up” performer also apologized to his female fans in general and expressed how deeply hurt he was, saying, “That portion was very terrible for me to listen to. Nearly woke up from my slumber.



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