Joe Frazier “Copies” Shatta Wale’s Kakai?

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One of Ghana’s finest rhymers,Joe Frazier has made a huge comeback to music after several years of disappearance. He has two new singles which he titles “Kaekae” and “Bam Me”.

One interesting thing about Joe Frazier’s comeback is that, he used a similar instrumentation of which one could say it is a cover of Shatta’s hit song ‘Kakai’.

Defending himself,Joe claims he didn’t steal Shatta’s Kakai but that, is a term that everyone could use. Kakai has become the most talked about term in this country since Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale popped it up,which has since become one of the biggest tunes in Ghana.

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Since Shatta is arguably the biggest artiste in Ghana now, could this be a strategy Joe Frazier is using to make himself rise to fame again?

Maybe Joe thought he could bring something up to trend with since Shatta’s Kakai is always trending.

Anyway,even if someone says he stole Kakai from Shatta Wale,at least he didn’t steal the lyrics and the spelling of Shatta’s Kakai,since his is “Kaekae”

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What do you think of the Joes comeback with ‘kaekae’ ?


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