Joe Mettle Does Not Deserve Artiste Of The Year Award And He Knows It

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joe mettle wins artiste of the year 2017

Now that the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) euphoria dust has settled and everyone is basking in the glory of Joe Mettle, let me state my opinion about why the Owanwani singer walked away with ultimate prize. As far as I am concerned, Joe Mettle does not deserve the award. Yes! You heard me right! I repeat, he doesn’t deserve it and he knows it.

My perspective is strictly devoid of any damage to his credibility or the hard work he puts into his chosen profession. Interestingly many people share in my belief but have to stifle it because of the ‘gospel myth’ surrounding the VGMA. Since its inception eighteen years ago, no gospel artiste has won the ultimate award before albeit gospel music being the ‘biggest genre’ in Ghana. Hence there was a unanimous clamour for the vicious cycle to be broken. People were looking forward to a gospel musician winning the award this year, whether the artiste in question has performed creditably under the year in review or not. Invariably any gospel musician nominated in the Artistes of the Year category would have won.

As a result of this, there was an unprecedented campaign for Joe Mettle. The power of social media was used in his favour. Even die-hard fans of Sarkodie and some other secular musicians felt giving it to a gospel musician; herein Joe Mettle wouldn’t be a big deal.

Furthermore, Geroge Quaye the former PRO for Chaterhouse made a negative allegation against gospel musicians. He said a chunk of them win most of the awards after paying bribes. This misguided pronouncement soiled the reputation of the organisers of the VGMA. Obviously to mend the broken bridge between Chaterhouse and gospel musicians (who threatened to boycott the event indefinitely) the board decided to give the award whoever makes it to the Artiste of the Year category.

I can enumerate lots of factors which aided the affable musician in his conquest. But going on and on will be misconstrued. I admire Joe Mettle. He has really worked hard to get to this point. He was just lucky to be at ‘the right place and at the right time.’


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