Joe Mettle shares his most embarrassing moment as gospel singer

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Ghanaian gospel singer Joe Mettle has revealed some embarrassing moments he experienced as a young musician climbing to the top.

Sharing the moment during an interview on Hitz FM’s DayBreak, he disclosed how his friend invited him to a program in his church to perform however he felt unwelcomed by the congregation.

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According to Joe Mettle, he was ever ready to perform however, after he was introduced by the speaker, the pastor of the church made an ill comment which dumped his spirit.

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“A friend of mine invited me to his church and I hadn’t even sung yet. He introduced me to his pastor as a talented gospel musician blah blah blah. As he was talking, the pastor looked at me from head to toe and didn’t say anything to me but he asked my friend ‘do you think we are joking here’?”

Joe Mettle however disclosed that he holds no grudge against him because he was an upcoming artist then and his stature made him look unqualified.

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“For obvious reasons, I won’t disclose the pastor’s name or the church but it really hurt me. It encouraged me to do more. It was like fuel to me, it was the motivation I needed. Maybe if I hadn’t heard those words, I wouldn’t have pushed harder and gotten where I am today.”

“Just three or four years ago, I had a call from the pastor. The moment he mentioned his name I told him I knew him. He was very happy, but he didn’t know the circumstances under which I recognized him. He’s an encourager for me, so I never forgot him.”

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