Joey B Replies Criss Waddle After He Blamed Him For The Delay Of His Album

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Joey B has given Criss Waddle a funny reply after he blamed him for being the cause of his album delay since he’s waiting for him to come and record his part of a song to complete the album.

Criss Waddle some time ago said that Joey B was supposed to go to his studio and record his part of a song but he’s yet to make an appearance and he has taken to Twitter to lament over it again.

According to Criss Waddle, Joey B told him he would call him so they could hit the studio and it’s been 11 days and the call hasn’t arrived on his phone saying only God knows how his album is going to be.

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Joey B was quick to reply with a funny and flimsy excuse that he called twice but his (Criss Waddle) number was off and looking at the way he can’t get to him, they should discuss whatever it is on Twitter.

Screenshot below;


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