Oooo, this are one of the reasons why being a star is sometimes a good thing. You get some good privileges and John is sure making the best out of his stardom.

John Dumelo has been hardworking since day 1 and that accounts for all the many businesses he owns now, the hotel, the clothing line, music and film school……i can go on and on, i hear he even has a pure water business.

I admire him, a lot but recently, the star has been a little naughty this days with Yvonne Nelson and there are speculations that they could be on the Friends with Benefit roll. The actor is a bit naughty in movies and even in real life and higly attractive, a perfect description of a Ghanaian girl’s prince charming.

john-dumelo-touches-yvonne-breastYou must have seen this photo when John as if he had taken an appetiser for the succulent breasts of Yvonne Nelson made his finger rubb on Yvonne’s N*pple. I thought he was closing her shirt button but hell noo, he was doing what he does best. (and Yvonne i hear tried to stop him several times but na Koo ay3 wild rough)



In the last few months, John and Yvonne Nelson have been all over the place on Social media with their hilarious romantic videos and pictures raising eye brows and creating the impression that there is something amorous going on between them.



They’ve denied several times that claim, and just keep doing it under the Best Friends Privileges one gets. Well, if they are not dating, and they don’t intend to, maybe it’s friends with benefits. It must be a good thing huh! Hey, which girl wants to be my best friend?

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