John Dumelo Breaks Silence On Trending Photo Of Him & The ‘Bruce Lee’ Police Officer Who Beat Up The Woman

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When the video of the policeman we’ve come to know as Federick Amanor beating a woman went viral on Social media, a picture of the said policeman in a pose with A-list actor John Dumelo popped up on the internet, with many asking if he’s somewhat related to the actor.

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Well, it turns out John Dumelo does not know him, he’s just a random fan he took a picture with some years ago. Someone who wanted clarification tweeted at John Dumelo asking if he knows him.

Actor John Dumelo in a pose with Federick Amanor

The actor replied by saying that, he must have taken the picture with him years ago as he always allow people to take pictures with him when asked.

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He replied:

“Bro, this picture must have been taken ages ago. But the policeman is a coward for doing what he did. Under no circumstance should he have physically abused that woman. I’m a friend to everyone and hence I do take pictures when asked. It’s unfortunate the assault incident happened but I believe the Police service will deal accordingly with the policeman. Men who beat women are cowards let alone a man assigned to protect us. God bless Ghana.”

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In another tweet, the actor also expressed anger at how the bank behaved towards the woman who wanted to withdraw part of her money to solve some issues.

He tweeted:

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