John Dumelo Rubbishes Government’s Plan To Establish National Rent Assistance Scheme To Help Ghanaians Pay Their Rents

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John Dumelo Rubbishes Government's Plan To Establish A National Rent Assistance Scheme To Help Ghanaians Pay Their Rents

John Dumelo has rubbished governemnt’s plan to set up a National Rent Assistance Scheme that provides Ghanaians with loans to pay for their rents.

This was included and read out from the manifesto of the New Patritic Party (NPP) which was launched at the University of Cape Coast on August 22, 2020.

According to the plan, Ghanaians who find it hard to pay for their rents will be given loans to pay then given a grace period to pay back their borrowed money.

Accoridng to the policy which will be rolled out should the NPP’s mandate be reneewd on December 7, will cater for the rent needs of the citizenry by providing loans that help them get a respectable accommodation. This scheme is to help fresh graduate to begin their careers on the right foot.

Followingn that, John Dumelo believes this plan by the governing party is not laudable especially when the is a Rent Control Act that needs to be triggered to compel landlords charge minimal fees and give reasonable timelines for the payment of rents by teneants.

In an tweet that has resonated with manyy, John Dumelo says it will be prudent for the Rent Control to be revitalized than for a new scheme to be set up.

“The establishment of the National Rent Assistance Scheme is dead on arrival. Why not enforce the rent control act 220 so citizens pay 6 months rent advance instead of 2-3years being charged? Enforce the law and save money, simple!”



Some of the responses the tweet garnered are as follows:



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