John Dumelo Surprises Fan On Her Birthday And Her Reaction Is Something Else (Video)

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We all have that celebrity that we are hoping to meet someday in real life but for the celebrity to actually come to you and surprise you, it would be one of those priceless moments in anyone’s life.

A-list actor, John Dumelo decided to surprise one of his fans on her birthday and the girl’s reaction is simply priceless.

John Dumelo

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She was just having breaking as she pressed her phone, only to feel a touch on her should. She turns and her favorite celebrity, John Dumelo is standing right there.

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In surprise and happiness overdose, she threw her phone and just ran off—She couldn’t believe her eyes we guess (I would react the same way, should say Bruno Mars just come and surprise me like that–Yeah, I’m sherious…. Not that I don’t have favorites in Ghana but I have seen them personally soo many times so that element of surprise won’t be there)

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Which celebrity can make you react this way? Share with us in comments after watching the video below:

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