John Dumelo wonders why Ghanaians prioritize religion over development; tithe over taxes

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Actor and politician John Setor Dumelo (aka John Dumelo) has pondered why Ghanaians devote so much time and energy to religious causes rather than initiatives that advance the country as a whole.

Asked whether there was a relationship between religion and progress, Mr. Dumelo wondered if Ghanaians spend much of their time praying rather than working to better their lives and the nation at large.

The former parliamentary contender questioned, in a post on his Facebook page on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, if Ghanaians were taking the proper response to the economic crisis by transforming industries into churches, which was discovered by this site.

Dumelo again questioned why Ghanaians put tithes before paying taxes to improve the economy.

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Perhaps his post has attracted several comments among netizens on Facebook, with some believing his assertions are true and others thinking otherwise.

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Here are some of the comments;

@Lydia Forson writes,

“There’s a link between religion and oppression, indoctrination and manipulation,”

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@fehintola Solomon Akinola writes,

“African countries, the masses run to Church to get comfort after they’ve been subjected to poverty by the government. I am a Pastor I know how much I spent from my pocket even to encourage people to serve God. No Pastor will force anyone to come to church during the week when you supposed to be working. No Pastor will force money out of your pocket. When there is no job, no good atmosphere, no support from the government. The government supposed to build factories, create jobs for the people. The Churches are only expanding base on God’s word for them to go into the whole world and spread the good news. And they’re prospering because they are brilliant.

John Dumelo wonders why Ghanaians prioritize religion over development


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