John Dumelo’s Main Chick He Dated For 5 Years Is Angry He’s Marrying A Sidechick He Dated For Just 2 Years—Full Gossip

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There are reports that an ex-girlfriend of John Dumelo is angry with him for breaking up with her two weeks ago, only for her to hear he’s getting married to another woman, we’ve come to known as Mawunya today, May 12th, 2018.

Any anonymous Instagram gossip announced that a friend of Dumelo’s ex-girlfriend has contacted her and told her about how John Dumelo treated her friend.

According to the friend of Dumelo’s ex-girlfriend, Frances (name of John’s ex-girlfriend) is heartbroken and her family wants to sue John Dumelo for wasting their daughter’s time after dating her for four good years.

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She said Frances, who graduated from Ashesi University, feels used and deceived, especially because Dumelo recently discussed with her, plans for a vacation to celebrate their fourth year together.

The friend, whose name was withheld, suggested that Dumelo’s wedding to Mawunyo will not come on as planned on Saturday.

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The friend claimed that Mawunya was Dumelo’s “side chick”, who he has been dating for just two years. She claimed Dumelo is being forced to marry her because he impregnated her.

She threatened an unspecified action to deal with Dumelo and send a message to celebrities to treat their women with love and respect.

These are mere allegations and we at are able to confirm whether its true or not, but judging from John’s past history with women, it’s likely there could be some level of truth in what she’s saying.

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John’s marriage has already started causing confusion as Yvonne Okoro and other celebrities have ‘attacked’ KOD for suggesting men like unknown women, click to read that story.

Many fans and colleagues of Dumelo have already taken to social media to congratulate and wish him well.