John Elway Net Worth; Check Out His Earnings

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American football executives are among some of the highest earners in sports. As the general manager and president of football operations for the Denver Broncos, and also a former American football player, what is John Elway net worth?

John Elway has worked very hard over the years and he is being considered one of the highest earners in the business, in fact, he would have had much more money than is being quoted for him today had he taken the opportunity to buy stakes in the Denver Broncos which with have given him part ownership but that didn’t materialize and today, I am sure he is ruing the missed opportunity.

That notwithstanding, John Elway net worth is still very high and rivals the top earners in his field. Who is John Elway? Find out more information about him in this biography below?

John Elway Net Worth: Biography

John Elway
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We cannot possibly jump into his net worth and earnings without having to talk about how his life began. How did it all begin for him? That would be discussed in his career beginnings but what was his early life all about?

On June 28, 1960, John Elway and his twin sister were born in Port Angeles, Washington.

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John grew up with his twin and an older sister and was exposed to his father’s success as a football coach at a young age.

As Jack, John’s father worked as a football coach for Washington State and the University of Montana, the family moved around the country.

As a standout high school quarterback, John Elway established himself as a “dual-threat” who was equally adept at passing and running. Elway honed his baseball skills while he was a high school student.

By the time he was prepared to graduate, he had received offers of football scholarships from numerous institutions.

He subsequently enrolled at Stanford University, where he rose to quarterback stardom.

He accumulated an exceptional record that caught the attention of the NFL, despite the fact that his final game for Stanford was marred by a contentious play that led to the team’s defeat.

In addition, he kept up his prodigious play on the baseball diamond and earned a bachelor’s degree in economics.

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As he honed his skills, John Elway net worth had not been given any consideration as he has not started earning any money. That, however, changed when he started his professional career.

Career As a Player

Before becoming a football executive, he was a player.

The Denver Broncos acquired John Elway in a contentious transaction after he successfully persuaded the Baltimore Colts to transfer him right away after they selected him in the 1983 Draft.

Elway had battled to establish himself as the Broncos’ starting quarterback early in his career.

However, Elway took over and guided them to a Super Bowl game in 1986 when Steve DeBerg sustained a shoulder injury.

The Broncos made a comeback to the Superbowl in 1987 but lost again. In 1989, they went back to the Superbowl but lost this time, which was somewhat discouraging.

Elway was still extremely young in his career at this point, and some people didn’t think he would ever win the Super Bowl. Well, what is John Elway net worth now?

Over the following few years, John Elway steadily gained confidence and useful experience.

He ultimately achieved his aim of winning the Superbowl in 1997 by leading his club back there.

Elway’s performance once more fell short of expectations, but it didn’t matter.

Broncos had triumphed. When he won the Super Bowl once more the following year, Elway put on one of the best performances of his whole career.

In his final game, he was given the MVP award.

Upon leaving the field as a player, he had other dreams and still kept pace with the game, albeit in a different capacity. John Elway now serves as the Denver Broncos general manager and president of football operations. Before retiring in 1999, Elway had a very successful career as a quarterback and established a number of records.

What is John Elway net worth now that we have seen how things went for him from playing as an amateur to playing professionally and now a general manager and president of the team he played for?

John Elway Net Worth

John Elway Net Worth

The general manager and president of football operations for the Denver Broncos, John Elway net worth is estimated to be $145 Million. John earns a salary of $3 Million per year.

John made a total of $47 million in compensation alone during the course of his NFL career. During his playing career, he received tens of millions of dollars in additional money via endorsements. However, he has made and lost enormous sums of money in ventures outside of professional athletics.

But for the bad investments he made, John Elway net worth would definitely have been more than what has been identified as his net worth today.

One of the most significant was his choice to invest $15 million in a Ponzi scam, which is the same money he could have used to purchase a 10% interest in the Denver Broncos. Before he could get $6 million back to safety, he ended up losing $7 million.

He made large investments in Laundromax, a fledgling business, in 1998. He also invested $500,000 in QuePasa, a Latino media company, purchasing more than 130,000 shares.

By the year 2000, Elway had suffered a significant loss as share prices had dropped from $27 to $1. John Elway put millions of dollars into the website in 1999, but it rapidly went out of business.

Additionally, he shared ownership of the football team Colorado Crush, which failed after the Arena Football League was abolished.

These bad investments have significantly affected John Elway net worth.

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