‘John Mahama And His NDC Can’t Fulfill Promises In Their Manifesto Even If They Rule For 10-Years’- Manasseh

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Popular Ghanaian investigative journalist, Manasseh Azure Awuni has punched holes into the NDC’s manifesto which was recently unveiled by the party. According to the ace journalist, although the manifesto is a good one that has been designed to solve problems, the NDC crafted it solely to win votes.

He contends that the opposition cannot implement all the gargantuan promises fully due to the wastage in the public sector.

“My other concern is that the NDC manifesto is too ambitious for an ailing post-COVID-19 economy like ours, especially when the current administration is said to have borrowed more than all governments since independence. It will be impossible to execute 50% of this manifesto considering the leakage and wastage in the public sector. The manifesto is meant to win votes and one cannot reasonably expect all the promises to be delivered even in 10 years,” he posted on Facebook.

He further argued: “If the iron-plaited mouth and throat grant passage to a sharp knife, we should be worried about how the delicate anus is going to expel it. It’s easy to promise, but the delivery is another thing.”

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