John Stonehouse children: Meet Julia, Jane, and Mathew Stonehouse

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John Stonehouse’s children- John Stonehouse was born on July 28, 1925, in Southampton as the youngest and second son of William Mitchell Stonehouse, a former dockyard engine fitter and Post Office engineer, and Rosina Marie, née Taylor.

At the age of sixteen, Stonehouse joined the Labour Party; his father served as the organization’s local secretary.

His mother, a former scullery maid, served on Southampton City Council from 1936 to 1970 and was the sixth female mayor of Southampton. In Norwood, Stonehouse ran unsuccessfully for London County Council in 1949. After running in Twickenham in 1950 and Burton in 1951, he was initially chosen as the Labour Co-operative Member of Parliament (MP) for Wednesbury in Staffordshire in a 1957 by-election.

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In 1962, Stonehouse allegedly started spying for Czechoslovakia. When he was a junior minister of aviation, he participated in BOAC’s decision to obtain Boeing 707 planes from the United States despite his own suggestion that they purchase the Super Vickers VC10, a British plane.

As a result, he started making derogatory remarks about his fellow workers’ motivations. He mediated a deal in March 1968 that established a basis for long-term technological cooperation between Britain and Czechoslovakia.

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It allowed for the sharing of experts and information, as well as the provision of technological research and study facilities and other forms of industrial cooperation that might be agreed upon.

Stonehouse kept up the façade of normalcy up until he faked his own demise on November 20, 1974, by leaving a pile of garments on a Miami Beach beach to give the impression that he had gone swimming and drowned, or even that he had been killed by a shark. Nobody had been discovered, but he was assumed to be dead, and obituaries were printed. In actuality, he was traveling to Australia in order to start a new life with Sheila Buckley, his mistress and secretary.

He had three heart attacks, the first one on April 18, 1977, the second one four days later, and a major heart attack on August 13, 1978. As a result of his excellent behavior and three heart attacks, he was released from prison early on August 14, 1979.

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Stonehouse underwent three days in the hospital after suffering a cardiac ischemia event on September 6, 1978. On November 7, 1978, he underwent a six-hour open heart procedure.

On 25 March 1988, Stonehouse collapsed on set during an edition of Central Weekend in Birmingham during the filming of a programme about missing people.

John Stonehouse children

John had two daughters, Jane and Julia, and a son with his first wife, Barbara Joan Smith. He later had James William John with her mistress, Sheila Elizabeth Buckley. James was to born Sheila Elizabeth Buckley, in Hampshire on 31 January 1981.

Stonehouse’s daughter Julia Stonehouse published an account of her father’s life in 2021 entitled John Stonehouse, My Father: The True Story of the Runaway MP; it was released almost simultaneously with a book called Stonehouse: Cabinet Minister, Fraudster, Spy, by criminal defence solicitor Julian Hayes, who is Stonehouse’s great nephew through the author’s father, Michael Hayes, who was the MP’s nephew and his lawyer.

On her self-titled website, Julia Stonehouse challenges the accuracy of other publications and broadcasts about her father.



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